PRO-DIP® - A Story of Perseverance and the Power of the Human Spirit

PRO-DIP® was born from a place that most inventions are born from, necessity and desperation. In 2014, PRO-DIP’s inventor found himself on the outs of life. Being a young football coach in the Tri-State area and expecting father of twins, life was about to take a sudden turn as it often does for so many in the journey of life. One of the twins didn’t make it, and the marriage didn’t survive. On top of this, personal poverty become a reality as coaching positions in the area become scarce. While moving from one relative’s couch to another and spending most nights in his car, the company’s founder started to pray for ideas of something that could change all this. One night while on a walk, he was thinking of the good times he had with his college football teammates, and oddly enough remembered that they were always dipping smokeless tobacco. Whether they were working out or in team meetings, it was constant. Then the idea flashed into his mind....(read full article)