PRO-DIP® Energy Supplying Premier Military Distributor ADS

PRO-DIP Energy®, the patent-pending world leader in nutraceutical oral pouch manufacturing has teamed up with Virginia based Atlantic Diving Supply (ADS) this past week to distribute PRO-DIP’s flagship ION Energy pouches to the U.S. Military. ADS is world renowned as the premier distributor of top-end tactical equipment and systems to the military both domestically and abroad. The partnership greatly adds to PRO-DIP’s existing specialty distribution channels and significantly increases the product’s presence in a niche market sector that is in need of the innovation. According to, the military is one of highest demographics in smokeless tobacco and nicotine pouch usage. PRO-DIP® Pouches, being tobacco and nicotine free, are FDA registered dietary supplement pouches filled with nutritious vitamins and minerals. The Pouch delivery system is similar to that used for smokeless tobacco, which makes it the perfect alternative for military personnel looking to quit or reduce their tobacco and nicotine consumption.

ADS boasts an impressive resume of experience and expertise in military supply. The Company is known for providing innovative and cost-effective solutions for its customers’ equipment, procurement and logistics challenges. As the #2 DLA supplier, #28 Federal Government Contractor, and #32 GSA Contractor, ADS leverages its diverse supplier relationships to source and integrate total solutions that are widely recognized in the industry for being on time, accurate and consistent. With more than 50,000 products and 3,000 suppliers, ADS has a proven history of successfully collaborating with defense industry suppliers to design custom solutions to problems.

“We are proud to partner with ADS to distribute this innovation to thousands in the U.S. DOD,” said PRO-DIP Energy’s Inventor and CEO Peter St. Lawrence. “Nothing makes us more proud than to do our small part to serve those who do the big part; serving the ideals and protecting those that make this great Country what it is. We believe this partnership will help us meet the ever-expanding demand for innovations that make the lives of military personnel a little better.”