PRO-DIP® Gains Northeast Region on It's Quest for National Distribution

PRO-DIP® Gains Northeast Region on It's Quest for National Distribution
PRO-DIP®, the patent-pending world leader in nutritional oral pouch delivery system tech will now have its flagship ION ENERGY Pouches product distributed throughout the Northeast convenience store industry via J. Polep Distribution Services. This greatly adds to the company’s existing distribution channels, significantly increasing their exposure in the U.S. c-store retail market. J. Polep has been in the distribution business for over 120 years, and is nationally renowned as one of the country's top distributors in this trade class.

“We are proud and excited to now be distributed to thousands of new retailers through the prestigious J. Polep Distribution Services.,” said PRO-DIP®’s Inventor and CEO Peter St. Lawrence. "This is a big step in our quest to roll this product out on the national level in the first half of 2020."

For sale in the United States since May 2019, the highly innovative pouches deliver flavorful bursts of vitamins and natural energy supplements through small, semi-permeable sachets placed in the mouth, between the gum and cheek or lip. The initial burst of supplements is followed by extended absorption of the nutrients through normal digestion, providing long-lasting energy, even at high-exertion levels. With its hands-free ease of consumption, the energy-rich pouches are an alternative to traditional sports supplements as well as smokeless tobacco. They deliver a daily serving of natural vitamins and nutrients for the endurance and stamina required during exercise, adventure and the everyday work life!


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