PRO-DIP® to WSL's BIG WAVE Nazaré Challenge 2018

PRO-DIP® to WSL's BIG WAVE Nazaré Challenge 2018


Nazaré, Portugal: for surfers and big wave hunters, this sleepy little town an hour north of Lisbon has become legendary. Waves in Nazaré hold all records. The biggest wave ever surfed was a 111 feet (34 meters) wave ridden by Garret McNamara here in Nazaré.

Twiggy Baker Wins 2018 Nazaré Challenge in Heroic Fashion

Grant Baker has won the Nazare Challenge in a day that has yet again pushed big wave performance into a new worlds. The South African former Big Wave Tour (BWT) World Champion claimed his fourth career BWT event win in perfect and powerful 40-foot waves.

Baker scored 11,000 points for a win and moved to the top of the BWT ratings. With two remaining events at Mavericks and Jaws, Baker is now in prime position to claim his third BWT World Title. The 45-year-old veteran claimed an extra 10% on top of the usual 10000 points for a win when a silver coefficient, a rating that reflects the size, power and perfection of the conditions, was applied today.

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