7 Healthy Habits Nutrition Edition

7 Healthy Habits Nutrition Edition

Developing a solid daily routine is essential to living a happy life. Healthy habits such as sleeping early, going to the gym, and eating good are common advice you hear everyday. However, what exactly does eating good entail? How does one go about eating good and what are some tips and tricks to help? Today we will go over the best habits to help with your diet and nutrition needs.

1. Use a large waterbottle 

It is universally known that water is good for you. Water does things like carry nutrients and oxygen throughout your body, aid your digestion, and improve your skin. Not only that, drinking water will act as a substitute for sugary drinks or even unhealthy snacks by filling you up. 

Invest in a large water bottle you can keep by your desk, to minimize the trips needed to refill your bottle. Even better, don't use one with an unscrewable lid, but a squeezable bottle or one with a built in straw for easy access. These small convenience factors will do wonders for your daily water intake and is very easy to do.

2. Plan Your Meals

A major culprit of fast food orders is time. People often don't think about their meal until the time comes, and by then their options become limited. Whether its for a lunch break at work, an activity with friends, or even an off day at home, try to be concious about your next meal.

By the time you are tired and hungry, it is already too late. That is when we give in to our urges and take the easy way out. Understand that cooking, or ordering healthy food may take more time and plan accordingly. 

3. Meal Prep

Something that goes hand in hand with meal planning is meal prepping. This takes it one step further where you pre-cook or pre-assemble meals for future days. Meal prepping eliminates any excuse to stray from your diet and offers healthy, convenient meals for the week with just a days work. 

The key is to find delicious recipes that will make this process enjoyable. If you don't have the ability or time to cook, there are plenty of meal plan services out there as another option. Check out services online or better yet look for local restaurants that offer these takeout options. While this will cost more money, it may be worth it for some people if you purchase in bulk. 

4. Daily Multivitamins

Chances are, you likely aren't getting every essential vitamin needed for the day. If you think back to all the things you ate yesterday, you might realize how nutrient deficient your diet is. A way to help with that are daily multivitamins. You can take these in the form of pills or gummies, and it's an easy way to boost your nutrition. 

At PRO-DIP we offer energy pouch supplements that provide you with energizing vitamins and nutrients you need to start your day. A pouch contains natural B vitamins, caffeine, beta-alanine, taurine and vitamin C for hours of focused energy in a form that's easy and convenient to use!


5. Trick Your Brain

 There are also many cognitive tricks to play on your brain to help manage your diet. Some of these include:

  • Using smaller plates to emulate a bigger portion size
  • Using your non-dominant hand to eat snacks naturally decreasing the volume consumed.
  • Spicy foods make you feel more full
  • Start your meal with a low-calorie soup
  • Fill up on water

These tricks may not work for everybody, but are easy to try and worth a shot! By doing these regularly you may find yourself inadvertently eating less.

6. Learn to Cook

Who better to serve your own diet than yourself. Cooking lets you depict each and every ingredient that goes into your food, and into your body. This is especially helpful for avid gym goers that want to count their macros for optimal body building. 

Cooking can also be a fun activity or hobby to pick up. Trying new recipes, experimenting with flavours, and exploring new tastes can be an exciting experience with the added benefit of healthy eating. Cooking has a wide range of skill requirements for the most ambitious chefs to the most casual amateur, there are recipes for everybody. For those with the time and passion to pursue cooking, this is a great way to incorporate healthy eating into your daily routine. 

7. Eliminate Junk Food Options

Possibly the most important tip depending on who you are, is to eliminate the junk food options in your life. It can be snacks lying around in the cupboard, delivery services, or fast-food chain apps on your phone, all should be gotten rid of. This helps distinguish the difference between a need and a want. Often, we may think we need these snacks in case we're hungry, but with no easy outs, we may find a change in perception.

"To be successful, you have to minimize the difficult decisions being made."

Temptation is the source of gluttony and doesn't have to be resisted, but made not an option. Hopefully you will find some kind of value out of these tips, and with a healthy lifestyle, you become one step closer to becoming the enlightened warrior in you.

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