Inception to Innovation

Back in 2014, Peter St. Lawrence, the inventor of PRO-DIP®, recognized the growing negative health issues related to use of smokeless tobacco products at the collegiate sports level, particularly in football. As campuses ban smoking, a trend to smokeless tobacco use has taken hold. The Centers For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates there are currently nine million smokeless tobacco users in the United States alone; these products are highly addictive and can cause cancer.

With a strong conviction to healthy living and an entrepreneurial drive to make a positive difference, Peter, with his father George St. Lawrence, decided to take action by teaming up with the innovative nutraceuticals manufacturer Acenzia Inc., in Windsor, Ont. Driven by Peter's vision to find a healthy alternative for dippers, the dynamic and dedicated team ended up creating a whole new category of health and wellness products.

PRO-DIP® is  a new and super-convenient way for a person to take their supplements, especially while they are performing or exercising. Furthermore, it helps dippers turn a negative habit into a positive one. PRO-DIP® pouches are energizing dietary supplements that rest between the cheek and gum, delivering natural B vitamins, caffeine, beta-alanine, taurine and vitamin C -- for hours of focused energy in a new hands-free, patent-pending oral delivery system. 

Peter St. Lawrence stated in a recent interview: "The opportunity to impact lives for the better is a feeling that is hard to describe. It's a mixture of overwhelming excitement and true gratitude. This invention is years overdue. The world is ready for it, and the implications are infinite."


Peter St. Lawrence


Above: Inventor Peter St. Lawrence conducting an interview

PRO-DIP® is a highly innovative, world-wide industry leading nutrient delivery-system corporation. It is dedicated to providing the highest quality products on the cutting edge of inventive oral pouch technologies for Global enterprise and the individual consumer alike. The company is built on its three (3) core values of: